The Impact of Morals on Knowledge Creation is More Limiting in Natural Sciences than Arts

The Impact of Morals on Knowledge Creation is More Limiting in Natural Sciences than Arts

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The ethical judgment, otherwise known as what one deems morally correct and incorrect, is a term that numerous controversies have stemmed from based upon the confusion surrounding the question of what one deems right or wrong. The eternal struggle to answer such a question lies within the fact that for different knowers, situations and geographic locations, there are varied ethical standards. Ultimately, such uncertainty has resulted in limitations placed upon the methodologies utilized in knowledge’s establishment within different areas of knowledge, such as the arts and natural sciences. As such, I will be examining the extent to which differing moral considerations have limited the ways of creating knowledge within natural sciences and the arts and illustrate the idea that, to a large extent, ethical beliefs have hindered the production of knowledge within the natural sciences and, to a lesser extent, within the arts.
It is first necessary to understand the methods utilized in creating ethical judgments and from this, raise the question of how do we know what is right or wrong? One of the more common ways of knowing with which people use to make an ethical judgment is that of intuition. Intuition is associated with inbred knowledge and yet, it is also closely related to one’s experience. On the other hand, I believe that intuition is simply the combination of emotion and sense perception: both of which are relative to one’s experience. Regardless of one’s view of intuition, it is a subjective way of knowing which implies that ethical judgments differ between people, giving rise to the idea of moral relativism. As such when one applies ethical judgments universally, they limit the establishment of knowledge by another. Howev...

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