Essay on The Impact Of Modern China On China

Essay on The Impact Of Modern China On China

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The twentieth century in China was one of the more turbulent times in the nation’s history with large amounts of Economic, Social and Political change from 1900-2000 some of the largest changes to the traditional imperialistic china came about with the foundation of the People’s Republic of China and the introduction of Communism through Chinese Communist Party’s ascension to power and the beginning of the Maoist Era and multiple other turning points. Major points of change in this period include The May 4th Movement of 1919 and the 3rd Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, A turning point can be identified as a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, especially one with beneficial results. These turning points all contributed in the shaping of modern China and encouraged the rapid growth that can be seen in modern records as China’s GDP ($10,380,380million) exceeds all other nations apart from that of the USA as shown in IMF data from 2014 and continues to expand economically and socially. Due to the massive success of Deng Xiaoping’s reforms this period would seem to be of the greatest significance in terms of change during the period. In 1900 China was an empire in decline and heavily controlled by foreign nations and led by a single family dynasty, the Qing’s. As compared to China in the 21st Century (2000) as a world power and able to compete with the previously dominating western nations in terms of economic and social factors this success can be contributed from the 3 turning points previously identified.
The foundation of the People’s Republic of China after the Communist victory in the civil war of 1949 for the 1st time in history the whole of China was united under...

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...ed leader after conflict and divide in the party behind the closed doors of the Communist Party. During Deng Xiaoping’s time in power many economic reforms were introduced to combat the 6.5Billion Yuan deficit which remained from Mao’s period as Chairman. Deng introduced his Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in which foreign investment and industrial growth was encouraged in order to boost the Chinese economy. Over this period of reforms China’s total percentage of citizens living in poverty was reduced from 53% as of 1978 down to just 13% by the end of Deng Xiaoping’s time as Chairman in 1992 this drastic shift in peasant populations in relation to urban populations could be seen as one of Deng’s biggest success in transforming Communist China into a power capable of competing with the west by the turn of the century and Achieving a GDP of 1,194.722billion USD in 2000.

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