The Impact of Mobile Computing on Driving Essay

The Impact of Mobile Computing on Driving Essay

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Our society is rapidly grown so fast, and with it the technology. Now we have the ability to Communicate with families and friends, search the World Wide Web or as people call it the internet, the convenience of shopping online, and search for a vast amount of information in so many ways with the help of all this new devices in that is on the market. All that Can be done without having to be sitting in front of a computer. Sound pretty neat! But not impossible since we have what is called Mobile Computing.
Since the boom of the technology era it has made our society that much more dependable of all these new gadgets being made for us to use. Some people cannot function without the use of these devices, I can count myself in this group, Because for instance when I do not have my phone available especially for work I need to be in communication with all my coworkers at all times because they depend on me to get the job done right. Technology can either be a good thing to our world but at the same time has made us more dependable, which might not be a good thing.
“Today's office is different. Although typing skills have continued to be a vital skill in data entry, the profession of the skilled secretarial typist is essentially extinct. What killed it? The computer and the word processor”(Introduction to Digital Literacy, Bowles 2013). Mobile computing has come along way since 1964 when the term word processing was born and also when IBM invented the Typewriter and now present day we have all this new technology like the apple computers, I phones, and laptops. Speaking of cellphones which are being created with all new appearances and different capabilities. “Demographic trends in mobile handheld...

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...oard and mouse. Both approaches have strengths and weaknesses: entering large blocks of prose text can be considerably faster with voice-recognition as the apple based system have gave us but, traditional input devices better facilitate tasks such as document navigation. This is not a failure of voice recognition but is rather an opportunity to challenge the fundamental assumptions made in computer interface design. With computer usage continuing to rise, it will become increasingly important to provide machine interfaces that better match the needs and preferences of their varied.

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