The Impact of Migration on Families Essay

The Impact of Migration on Families Essay

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• Migration/Remittances. Causes. Positives and Negatives.
• The Study
• Impact of migration on their families ((2))
• Policy recommendations, If any

Moving for better openings for work has dependably been a key characteristic in human lives. It has been observed that economic development has been accompanied by large-scale movements of people. And today, remittances are acknowledged to be one of the consistent sources of income. As per the World Bank estimate, 2013, India has topped the worldwide chart of remittances with a receipt of $71 billion.
In India, interior relocation nonetheless, is more noticeable in correlation to global movement. There has been an expanding significance of intra-state relocation because of the way that over 85% of the labour power is moving inside the state (NSSO, 64th round). In this manner, keeping intra-state movement at the core, this paper’s focus was to furnish a brief examination on the relationship between remittance receipts and the socio-economic status (SES) of the migrant sending family units.
Through the written works survey, it was seen that the existing literature looks into relationship between receipts from emigration and the SES. When a person migrates abroad, the difference in the exchange rates of the two economies, results in an elevation of the standard of living of the migrant’s household in the origin country. However, there are relatively few studies identified with settlement receipts through intra state relocation and its effect on socio-budgetary state of the family units. Along these lines, through this paper, the point was to fill this specific gap.
The emphasis here was to investigate the degree to which these receipts pen...

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... positive relationship between remittances and SES of the households. After migration, the household’s financial and social status has evidently grown. However, some negative impacts of migration were seen. These were in the form of distress in women as it became difficult to single-handedly manage the family and the other issue was school drop-out rates among the children as they became more vulnerable to serving as unskilled labourers.
Not just that; academics and NGOs with radical leanings, view movement basically as an exploitative process and are exceptionally hesitant to recognize its more positive viewpoints. Mentality to movement in India is very negative. Although not stated explicitly, many rural and urban advancement programmes plan to control movement: for example the Delhi Master Plan aims to keep rural-urban migrants under a check. (Kundu, 2003). ((1))

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