The Impact of Media on Teens Essay

The Impact of Media on Teens Essay

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The media has always been a big impact on society, influencing people in so many ways. It keeps us in on the latest fashion trends, gadgets, and what is considered “in”. The media can be considered either be considered positive and negative, but that can usually be determined by society. The group that is usually very heavily influenced on the media are teens. They tend to believe whatever the media says and displays, causing them to behave, dress, speak, talk, and think in a different manner. Even though the media can be considered social networks and blogs, teens usually set their youth lifestyle according to what kind of music they listen to and reality shows they watch. Children are commonly the most group to be very easily influenced, because they like to imitate whatever they see. During the early years of a child, usually between the toddler to teen ages children spend a lot of time watching TV and listening to music, but the teen years are where they are influenced by others, believe that whatever their friends say is correct and that the advice their parents gives is incorrect. From the advice given from their friends on what they believe is right, they go by what is commonly know as “monkey see, monkey do”.
Background and Significance
Since they see their friends as a heavy impact in their life, they will do what their friends do, whatever music or television show they watch is what they will also watch, but the one thing that is usually common is their perception of the music and shows. Their perception will be that whatever they see and hear in these reality shows and music is right, and begin to base their lifestyle on the way they see the people of TV and in music videos act and allow the words of their music to i...

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