The Impact of Media on Marketing Communication Essay

The Impact of Media on Marketing Communication Essay

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In this era of technology social websites are new means by which organizations communicate their brands with their customers. In order to increase the awareness of the products, companies need social media because it is easy and inexpensive way off marketing. As the peoples spend more time on social media they perceive it as a mentor for purchasing because through social media they can share information with each other.
The social media now a day has great impact on marketing communication. The growing importance of applications like Facebook, YouTube and others in consumers’ lives has an increasing influence on their communication habits. With consumers spending more and more time in the social media realm, an increasing share of communication occurs within these new social network environments. (Kozinets et al., 2008, Merz et al., 2009)
A random survey of 399 European and U.S firms showed that 88.2% of firms had started the initiative of social media, and almost 44.2% of these firms have fully integrated social media in their business policies (Barwise, 2010).
Related research demonstrates that consumers are spending 25% of their Internet time on social networking sites, up from15% in 2009 (Nielsen 2010). According to Experian Marketing Services in 2013, 27 percent of time spent online was on social networking. Which shows that people spend most of their online time on social media and its increasing every year. In 2014 smart phones trend is high which also has made easy to connect with social sites. Now Social media usage is not just business-to consumer (B2C), it is also extended to business-to-business (B2B) community. More than 93% B2B marketers use social media to interact with their customers (Holden-Bache 20...

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...s captured with three items measuring the acceptance of shared content while purchase intention was captured by three items adopted from (Wells et al., 2011).
The researcher asked respondents to take an online survey questionnaire to measure their purchase intention and their attitude toward the Outfitters brand. The researcher design the questionnaire on Google docs and the URL of that questionnaire is then posted by the researchers on different social media sites including Facebook, twitter, Linkdin, badoo etc. The respondent just simply click that URL of the questionnaire that needs to be filled .The respondent then fill the questioners which on the back end is collected by the researcher in form of (excel sheet, bar graphs and Pie charts). Participation was voluntary by the participants and there was no monetary compensation given by the researchers.

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