The Impact of Media Advertising to Consumer Product Awareness Essay

The Impact of Media Advertising to Consumer Product Awareness Essay

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Advertising is never a new concept to the people comprising the society. Most people have opened their naked eyes with advertising present as a tool for business and economic purposes. Looking back from the point way beyond modern times, the emergence of advertising can already be traced. Advertising can never be considered recent. It has arrived even before people realized it did. Even in the Old World, Advertising existed. The act wine sellers do which includes giving samples on the street and even how the talented actors paraded on the street to attract people to go to theaters in the past are some early forms of advertising (O’Barr, 2010). Undoubtedly, advertising has evolved through time. The sudden success and emergence of media stimulated the rapid evolution of advertising resulting to the birth of media advertising. The state our society is in the point where almost everything is accessible. With the accompaniment of the various forms of media, advertising has never been easier.
Mentioned earlier is the existence of the different kinds of media with regard to the field of advertising. Back to the year 1729, print advertisement found its way to the world. Philadelphia Gazette, started by Benjamin Franklin, is one of the earliest print publications in history. It already offered services of promotion ranging from products to human slaves. Print advertisement was successful in dominating the advertising arena but the birth of other media advertising forms is unstoppable. Radio advertising came in the 1900s and television advertising took over in the advent of black and white television in 1940s (Reed, 2012). Recently, internet emerged to the world of advertising. People nowadays enjoy full access to the mentioned media trigg...

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