Essay about The Impact of Mary Tudor’s Reign

Essay about The Impact of Mary Tudor’s Reign

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Mary Tudor was a very powerful and influential Queen, although her reign was short lived. She did many things to impact the future of England. Some people say she was a crazy lunatic, but others would say she was very brilliant. Recently, historians found a letter that Mary Tudor wrote a few days before her death. This is what it contained…
Dearest Friends,
I, Mary Tudor, was designated Queen in 1553 when I had to fight for my title from Jane Grey. “Fearing Mary would return the country to the Catholic faith, powerful men in the realm, such as John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland and Henry, Duke of Suffolk began to make their plans” (Eakins). Their plans were to place Jane Grey, who was one of King Henry IV’s wives and third in line for the crown. I got word of this and quickly acted. I rallied lots of supporters to remove Jane Grey from the throne. Finally, when I became Queen I do admit to executing many of the people who were against me including: John Dudley and over 300 people for heresy. This is how I got my nickname “Bloody Mary” (Lindbuchler).
As Queen, I immediately we...

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