The Impact Of Marketing On Supply Chain Performance Essay

The Impact Of Marketing On Supply Chain Performance Essay

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Supply chain is defined as all organisations and activities linked with the flow and transformation of raw materials, through to the consumer, including all the associated information and fiscal flows (Skjott-Larsen 2007). It is takes place in virtually all industries and is used by most companies as a leverage to improve company profitability, performance and productivity. How as competition intensifies among companies, especially in enhancing their supply chain management, innovation is considered key to gaining competitive advantage. According to Seo, et al. article “The impact of innovativeness on supply chain performance: is supply chain integration a missing link”, they suggest that innovation is accepted as a factor to leverage performance (Seo 2014). However, they further state that supply chain integration (SCI) is the pathway to improved social chain performance (SCP) (2014).
According to Han, SCI is the foundational role in the integration, close alignment and coordination of vital operations in supply chain, while SCP is the act of successfully accomplishing a supply chain objective (2009). Based on Seo et al. (2014) study, innovation can influence SCP only when a company’s level of SCI is effective in developing vital supply chain practices. Therefore, when a supply chain manager seeks to enhance supply chain performance, he or she should focus on improving SCI and encouraging innovation. Besides, human resource who are responsible for innovation, are part of SCI because they engaged in coordination of supply chain activities.
One conceptual model of improving SCI so that performance can be improved through innovation is total quality management. The total quality model is about long-term approach to success wh...

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...SCP? These questions arise from the fact that Seo, et al. (2014) findings indicate that customer integration does not influence SCI, SCP and innovation. However, in my opinion, I think customer expectations, complaints and feedback contribute in shaping processes that create better outcomes. Firms need to have suitable structural management that governs all operations and where departments or individuals have specific tasks and responsibilities. Innovation is one of them.
Lastly, further research should be on different types of in-built change management systems that continuously evaluates the processes and components of a firm’s supply chain. This is because there is minimal research in this area, but it is of significance as far as SCI and SCP is concerned. Change management systems determine opportunities that can be improved to ensure quality and efficiency (Han

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