Essay on The Impact Of Maldistribution Of Health Care Personnel

Essay on The Impact Of Maldistribution Of Health Care Personnel

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The impact of maldistribution of health care personnel.
In the United States the distribution of physician’s workforce is not regulate by geographical locations. Physicians can elect how and where to work, resulting in an unbalance of health care professionals in every location around the country. Rural communities normally have less physicians, nurses, specialists, and other health care staff, and the lesser population, making the loss of a physician a bigger impact.

Regardless of the best attempts of medical professionals and educators to increase the workforce over the past, shortages are anticipated in every health care profession. The estimated supply of workers fails to meet the need related with population growth and aging of the population. With the continuous necessity for medical services for the millions who are projected to sign up for Medicaid and the federal and state insurance exchanges, the labor force shortages could become devastating.
In a 2012 collection of state workforce studies and reports, each state evidently needs more physicians. There are shortages of primary care physicians and specialists in every health professions: dental, mental health, pharmacy, and many others. Previously to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) passing, a convergence of difficulties had added to labor force problems. The ACA will inflict additional pressures on the health care labor force.
The existing U.S. population is over 315 million and rising. In the year 2030, 72 million Americans will be 65 or older, a 50 percent change in age demographics since the year 2000. The change is primarily due to the aging baby boomers, who were born at the end of World War II. Americans are living longer than ever befo...

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... is an abstract model that proposes an exploratory plan for health services and evaluating quality of health care. In accordance with the model, information about quality of care can be obtained from three categories: structure, process, and outcomes. In addition, not long ago The Joint Commission include outcomes in its accreditation valuations (Sultz, & Young, 2011, p. 378).
What may be useful information for your use in the future?
The relation between the ACA, shortages of health care workers and how the country rural areas are more affected by the lack of providers. In future classes I will be able to discuss the pros and cons of the ACA, since now I understand the other parts not relate to individual insurance payments. Since, my health insurance does not come from the ACA I was not aware of some of the stipulations under the ACA.

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