The Impact Of Leadership On Conflict Management Essay

The Impact Of Leadership On Conflict Management Essay

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As business organizations move further into the twenty-first century, there appears to be
steady advancement in technology, expansion, and innovation. More than ever, leaders are being
developed to handle change, growth and transformation. With rapid growth, leaders are also
encountering interpersonal and group-to-group conflict. By reviewing the current literature on
leadership and conflict management, leaders can be equipped to understand the what conflict is,
how it can be managed and the impact of leadership on conflict situations. This research paper
proposes to review the literature related to the impact of leadership on conflict management in
organizations. The research question presented in this research paper address leadership in
conflict management:
RQ1: How does leadership impact successful conflict management?
A review of the current literature can assist leaders understand what conflict is, the ways in
which conflict is most successfully managed and the impact leaders can have on employees.
When the dynamics in the management of conflict are examined, implications can be drawn that
leadership can have a significant impact on the positive resolution of conflicts.
Conceptual Framework
To carefully analyze the relationship of leadership to conflict management, a theoretical
framework is presented in this literature review that will provide the foundation of conflict
Leadership & Conflict Management: A Review of the Literature  DOWNLOAD
framework is presented in this literature review that will provide the foundation of conflict
management. This review begins with a description of conflict management and the factors
influencing conflict. Then, an examination of leadership is explored sharing the current
literature on le...

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Leadership of Conflict Management
Doucet, Poitras, & Chênevert (2009) share that a leader can play a role in organization
conflict in three specific ways: directly, through intervention or through leadership style. In a
direct role, the conflict may be interpersonal or group-to-group and the leader may exhibit a
conflict management style to achieve a desired outcome. If intervening in a conflict, the leader
may act as arbitrator or mediator. Lastly, if the leader’s management style causes conflict, then
the methods or techniques used by the leader promotes conflict interpersonally or group-to-group
within his organization (Curseu, 2011). Giacomantonio, Pierro, & Kruglanski (2011) share a
similar view offering that leaders often have conflict management handling styles that they
employ to deal with differences, whether interpersonally or within their groups.

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