The Impact of Law Enforcement Tactics on Us Essay

The Impact of Law Enforcement Tactics on Us Essay

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The current violence and drug traffic in Mexico presents a twofold problem in regards to domestic law enforcement in the United States. Not only are US law enforcement authorities required to combat the massive influx of illicit drugs from Mexico, they are also expected to stem the tide of illegal immigrants, many fleeing the dire circumstances in their home country, and also to quell fears of cartel violence spilling over our largely unsecured southern border. This has led to a fundamental shift in domestic the law enforcement tactics in the United States as well as an increased US law enforcement presence in Mexico itself. Local and State law enforcement agencies are increasingly being asked to perform tasks traditionally relegated to federal law enforcement agencies. State and local law enforcement personnel, especially in border regions, are being asked to form a partnership with federal law enforcement in regards to enforcing federal law including verification of immigration status. Furthermore, federal law enforcement agencies are operating in Mexican sovereign territory, a task traditionally reserved for military or diplomatic personnel. Currently, there are dozens of federal law enforcement agents, from a myriad of different agencies who are currently operating inside Mexico in cooperation with Mexican authorities.
Fears of the violence currently being endured in Mexico spilling over into the contiguous United States is a well-founded worry. The death and destruction currently occurring in Mexico is not caused by phenomena exclusive to Mexico and could very well, given the right circumstances, take root in many areas of the United States. Given our large, and primarily unsecured so...

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...ow the drug trade within their borders, the death and destruction cause by the cartels is only overshadowed by the possibility of deeply rooted and cancerous corruption deep within their own agencies. As a result, on the US side of the border, the tactics of local, state, and federal, law enforcement agencies have been forced to change with executives in each level being forced to reevaluate their traditional and future roles. State and local law enforcement are being asked to, and are, performing tasks traditionally relegated to federal law enforcement personnel and federal law enforcement is increasingly being thrust into situations traditionally reserved for military personnel. These shifts, in response to the significant drug traffic currently emanating from Mexico, are potentially changing the face of all levels of US law enforcement for generations to come.

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