The Impact Of Ict On The Ict Sector Essay

The Impact Of Ict On The Ict Sector Essay

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The ICT sector has grown greatly, to the point where it is present in every aspect of social, politcal and economic relationships (Singh & Raja, 2010). It has grown greatly in a result of competition within the ICT sector. Convergence occurs when innovations merge at intersections of indistry boundaries, to create spill-overs, which add to the process technological development (Hacklin, Fahrni & Marxt, 2009). The technologies that are a result of convergence, not inly improve customer convenience and experience, but also may result in the performance of these new tehnologies to being better, compared to what they were originally. Broadening the access of broadband, the demand from advertisers for user-content, the availability of low cost devices and the goal to cut costs while also increasing value from ICT services, are coming toghether to speed up the development of convergence (Singh & Raja, 2010). As social network sites, other than Facebook, allow people to share their own information and communicate freely, it proves the relevance of the users’ innovation. As broadband grows, the ability for users to share information and multimedia content will also grow, and become easier and more simple. There are three main forms of convergence, being service convergence, network convergence, and corporate convergence. Service convergence allows businesses to promote their services and products through one single network, while still being provided several communication services (Singh & Raja, 2010). Network convergence allows a number of separate networks to connect with each other. For example, with Facebook, you can now choose to log into other networks such as Spotify using your Facebook log in with the click of a button. This form ...

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...communicating to our friends, or contributing to online discussions. As technology continues to develop, we will be introduced to faster and more reliable technological devices. Computers wil decrease in size and power consumption, and increase in communication capabilities, whereas mobile phones will increase in computing power, memory and screen size (Hacklin et al., 2009). We are encouraged to keep updated on technology through this continuous introduction to new and improved devices, because without these updates, we will fall behind in the development technology. It is important that Facebook users’ become aware of Facebook targeting and advertising on the social network site, and think about the consequences of sharing private information through Facebook. If you are an avid Facebook user, and share information daily, you are doing the job of the advertisers.

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