The Impact Of Ict On Health And Social Care Essay

The Impact Of Ict On Health And Social Care Essay

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1. Introduction
The use of ICT in health and social care is an enormous advantage for both, service user and service provider. ICT at the working place is an essential tool to coordinate appointments. ICT provides quick access to patient data and records; it is a fast route in the transfer of case files to different departments.
1.1 Work without hardware components such as Computer, phone, mobile, laptop, printer, network and the use from input and output devices, is unimaginable in today‘s world.
2.The different Types of ICT
The use of software programs like Collate, Microsoft, (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Email) are an essential part in the most work places in Health and Social Care.
2.1 ICT is as well as used in the care service; “There are different types of ICT software and hardware at the market; for example Stand –alone software which is used for medical and intended purpose. These programs are used for; Diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease. Compensation for an injury or handicap , replacement or modification of a physiological progress”. (According to Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency 2014).
3.Collate program
The use of the Collate program, by service provider and with different organisations becomes more common. It is a brand new system that is used to collected information from the service user.
3.1Collate auto- analyses client data providing different opportunities as; “delivering evidence of what you have achieved in easy to understand format. Collate will also managing the wealth of data that is available to you. The Collate System provides you with instant acce...

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...s points and potential users were not Internet-enabled.”( According to optimising the use of ICT by Health& Social Care Professionals in the Community 2005,Prof.Ala Szczepura).
It is important to have responsibility awareness within one’s own role in health and social care. The understanding of legislation and policies like “The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, NMC code of Practice or the Data Protection Act 1998” promotes and protect yourself and the client/patient in relation who use the service.
9.1 Staff, career, nurses as well as doctors should be trained in the use of ICT within health and social care. All in all, the use of ICT in health and social care is a great advance for both the service user and provider. Furthermore ICT in health and social care can change one’s quality of life in a positive way.

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