The Impact of Human Activities to Marine Animals Essay

The Impact of Human Activities to Marine Animals Essay

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Executive Summary 3
1. Introduction 4
1.1 Summary of IFAW 4
1.2 You not only dump your trash-ocean(Campaign) 4
2. Analysis 5
2.1 Attention 5
2.2 Comprehension 6
2.3 Involvement 6
2.4 Attitudes 7
Summary 8
References 9

The purpose of this report is analyse the impact of vulnerable human activities to marine animals. IFAW is the International campaign organisation which is originally founded in Canada. It mission is to save and help animals all around the world.IFAW has organised You not only dump your trash campaign . This advertisement portrait the current situation that the marine animals are facing. The majority of marine animals are losing their lives because small particles of plastic were found in the dead animal’s stomach.
This advertisement mission is to create awareness of these activities to the people. In order to have attention towards campaign IFAW has follow different ways, used the pictures of the recent dead marine animals from the debris with larger font and highlighted letters in order to create an image in the mind of the consumer that will invoke the ideas, feeling and image of past experience. They had provided simple and short messages about the impact of debris to marine animals, so that it would be easier for the consumer to understand. People take much time to understand the messages and does research before participating in any activities. So, the decision process automatically tends to become slow. IFAW has mainly focused on attention part. It would be better if it would have given priority or effort on high involvement.

1. Introduction
1.1 Summary of IFAW
International Fund for Animal Welfare...

... middle of paper ...

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