The Impact Of Hate Violence On Victims Essay

The Impact Of Hate Violence On Victims Essay

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The Impact of Hate Violence on victims
The research topic, as developed in week one for the Final Research proposal is “The Impact of Hate Violence on victims.” In the past, there have been several criminal acts such as prejudice based on religion, race, and ethnic as well as sex, commonly known as hate violence. The research topic is important for the study as it will help us explore the nature of hate violence among victims in the US, especially the minority groups who include African Americans in the country as well as the Hispanic community (Stemler, 2001).
The topic wishes to identify the impacts of hate violence on the victims. In other words, hate violence exists at different levels and thus the importance of the research question is to ensure that hate violence is analyzed regarding its nature, levels and degree among various groups in the US (Jennings, 2014). There have been previous research studies on the same topic. Thus the new research would be aimed at adding onto what has already been published in the past on the same subject.
Research question
For the new study, the research question can be as follows: “What are the impacts of hate violence among the minority groups within the United States.”
Literature review
One of the previous major studies conducted and published was done by the National Institute against Prejudice and Violence in the year 2011. In this study, focus group interviewing and questionnaires were the techniques used to collect data (Jennings, 2014).After data analysis, it was found out that approximately fifty percent of the participants from minority communities or groups in the United States of America experienced some form of hate violence with varying degree and nature. Thes...

... middle of paper ... and mental harm. Participants should not be embarrassed, frightened or harmed (Gelo et al., 2008).
There have been several past studies done on this particular topic and published. The current study wishes to conduct similar studies and will use qualitative research methodology with focus group interviewing and questionnaires being the applicable data collection techniques. Audio taping will be employed when collecting data and then content analysis procedure done for purposes of data analysis (Chenail, 2011). The proposed study is needed as it will help us explore the nature of hate violence among victims in the US, especially the minority groups who include African Americans in the country as well as the Hispanic community. After data has been collected and analyzed, a conclusion on the impacts of hate violence among victims will be published.

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