Impact Of Globalization On International Marketing Essay

Impact Of Globalization On International Marketing Essay

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Globalization has had an increasing vital impact on international marketing & a major trend in business. This is nothing new. International trade has been going on since the beginning of civilization. However, in the 20th century, trade expanded rapidly due to advances in communication, transportation, and management. As the cost & complexity of operating overseas is reduced by globalization, more markets are susceptible to international organizations.
These organizations or multinational corporations produce & sell products or provide services in two or more countries. There are over 40,000 multinational corporations currently operating in the global economy, most of these corporations are manufacturers operating in fields that frequently involve technical change, e.g. computers & electronic equipment. Corporations in such fields have large research organizations in the country of its headquarters. Most global corporations mandate that their employees learn English which in turn causes some of the workers to experience loss of status & disbelief in their language capabilities.
People do not realize how immensely culture influences their behavior until they come across other ways of doing things. When people have to deal with people from other cultures, even the slightest differences can make them uneasy. Managerial practices in foreign affiliates may have to conform to the local practices of the affiliates’ host country (polycentric) or could adhere to a worldwide standard (global) set of practices around the world. They may have to comply with laws & regulations & may therefore be compelled to resemble local practices through coercive isomorphism (pressures from other organizations in which they are dependent upon and by c...

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...German management style is not litigious. Firms do not maintain large legal staffs because disagreements are often talked out sometimes at conferences, chamber of commerce meetings or even over a beer. Because of these attitudes, Germany has few lawyers which are approximately one-twentieth the numbers of lawyers in the United States. German managers are usually from the ranks of engineers & technicians & are better paid than other European countries except the Swiss, which on average is two-thirds of the income that their American counterparts expect. German management style is characterized as collegial, product & quality oriented, export-conscious, loyal & committed to its long-term prospects. Though it may seem like their management style could stifle change, change does occur gradually under mottos of stability, permanence & the least dislocation as possible.

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