Essay on The Impact Of Globalization On Identities Of Human Beings

Essay on The Impact Of Globalization On Identities Of Human Beings

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In the last two decades, the influence of globalization has been rapidly growing through the use of technology, media, communications, transnational corporations, and advances in social relations. With the increase in social relations and advances in technology, this allows citizens across the world to connect and interact, allowing barriers to break down and slowly emerge. The source we are currently met with and are analyzing, proposes that globalization has a negative impact on identities of human beings. Regarding media, culture, beliefs, systems, judgements, and social interactions, globalization can be seen from both lights, positive and negative since it can help spread innovative ideas but also contribute to the process of disintegration of individual identities. Regarding individual identities, the power of a modernized society allows people to interact and spread parts of their religion or festivities around the world; which allows people to adopt, gain, strengthen, or lose their identity in the process. Though, the power of a modernized society helps globalization rapidly grow, it has brought means of communication with the world, religions to be explored, and as well as identities to flourish. Although, the perspective of the author behind the source is negative , I believe the source should be taken to only a moderate extent as globalization should shape identity only until that an individual or collective identities are not being lost or forgotten when being maintained.

Globalization is a process that can be described as an interchange of cultures and development; as the world is brought closer together physically and virtually. The impact of globalization on Indigenous cultures is seen in a l...

... middle of paper ... of globalization have led to cultural homogenization around the world, from language to tradition; as it has happened to the Indigenous people of Canada. In addition, with dominating cultures coming into society, the cultures that were once independent, are disappearing because of assimilation. Though, globalization has attributed to the indigenous people by giving them more empowerment and the ability to reconcile their culture. With the Silk Road, the start of identities to flourish happened from the start of spreading and trading religious beliefs, allowing the Silk Road become important to the flourish of identities and religious beliefs. Also, with media, and communication allow the sharing of ideas, worldviews, and philosophy; and not to mention, being convenient than ever before, globalization, at the end, comes in both perspectives; negative and positive.

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