The Impact of Globalization on Food, Fashion, Film, and Music Essay

The Impact of Globalization on Food, Fashion, Film, and Music Essay

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“The World Bank defines globalization as the growing integration of economies and societies around the world” (, 2006) For me the impact of globalization when it comes to food fashion, film music and dance is when like minded groups come together from all different political dynamics that create virtual communities across the world.

Globalization and food can be looked at in various angles. Globalization with how we purchase food to how food safety and consumption is important. Americans care where they source their foods for not only safety practices but also concern about health problems related to farming methods. Over the years environmental concerns have grown with the quality of soil that yields food, pollution, air quality and our water consumption. (Wimberley & Reynolds, 2003). When it comes to globalization to food, I feel that most people are conscious about health and environmental issues. For me I like to source food locally to support our local farmers, use less emissions in our air. Locally grown products are fresher, which is what makes your food more highlighted verse traveled and compacted food in trucks. By purchasing local I am less global with our country by not supporting different countries with food and creating support in my community.

Fashion is viewed quite differently between cultures. Islamic elements are much different than western influences. Some women use fashion to make political statements. (Treister, 2006). Globally some countries have dress codes that will interpret their traditions which are different from one cultural to another. Being raised in Michigan, I am non-religious, none cultural individual that fashion for me is the whites I put on to be in a kitchen. H...

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