Impact Of Globalization On China And South Africa Essay

Impact Of Globalization On China And South Africa Essay

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The Impact of Globalization
The term globalization refers to the movement throughout the world of information, financial capital, natural resources and trade goods (Haviland, Prins, Walrath, & McBride, 2012). Globalization has been accelerated by technological advances in transportation and communication. This process of globalization is more than just physically linking areas around the globe, it requires shared cultural understandings to overcome diverse economic, racial, political, and religious backgrounds (Brown, 1999). The process of globalization touches everyone’s life and can be both positive and negative. The examination of globalization in non-western cultures of China and South Africa provides insight to its potential impact.
Globalization of China
China has a long history, rich in cultural heritage including visual arts, music, cuisine, architecture and literature. From 1949-1977 China was relatively a closed society, there were some diplomatic ties but very limited economic ties. China split with the soviets in 1960 leaving their only ties with third world and capitalist countries. They were isolated from international economic activities of the early 1970’s, missing out on the progress of globalization. The people of China were barely surviving and the economy was devastated by the powers at large. The leader at the time, Mao Zedong, died in 1976 and this prompted the end of the Cultural Revolution. In 1977, Deng Xiaoping became the new leader of China. Deng enacted economic reform policies, opening China up to the outside world. This process allowed for rapid economic growth and greatly improving the lives of Chinese people (Gao, 2013). China became a member of The World Trade Organization, and this opened...

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