Impact Of Globalisation On The Cultures Essay

Impact Of Globalisation On The Cultures Essay

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In order to address the claim that we live in a global world, there are key factors that we must consider. The factors included in this essay are: the effect of globalisation on the different cultures spread throughout the world, the effect that globalisation has had on our national governments, and more negative effects such as how globalisation has allowed for a larger emergence of suicide terrorism. There are three main thought processes surrounding globalisation, and these are the ideas of the hyperglobalisers, the transformationalists, and the sceptics. Hyperglobalisers would suggest that as a result of globalisation, governments and national bodies are losing their authority, and that we have entered a new era. Transformationalists’ views differ to this as they suggest that no single cause of globalisation can be determined, and the outcome of such a phenomenon cannot be predicted. On the other hand, sceptics suggest that globalisation has been an ongoing process that began many years ago, and that the world is not globalised; for example, the economy itself is not integrated and is divided into blocks.
Globalisation is a phenomenon with a main body that consists of two key processes; these are economic and cultural globalisation. Economic globalisation is visible through the increased investment made by countries around the world into developing themselves, as well as increased global trade between themselves and other countries, whilst cultural globalisation is visible through the movement and migration of individuals, as well as people becoming more aware of other existing cultures. Globalisation can be simply defined as the world in which we live becoming increasingly more interconnected, which has encouraged the gradual...

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...ugh aspects of society such as the commodification of culture, which has seen our cultures become defined by cultural goods, as transnational companies create an economic culture. However, it is not wrong to suggest that the commodification of culture does have its oppressive aspects, as the Western countries are still very much in control of creating this dominant culture which is transmitted, and maintained by the capitalist system and the transnational companies which accommodate the system. Transformationalists argue that although globalisation has occurred, society is still attempting to adapt to it, and the outcome of many events is uncertain, and something in which we have no control over. This therefore could explain why there are blurred lines between what constitutes to us living in a global society, and what might actually suggest not that much has changed.

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