The Impact Of Global Warming On The Environment Essay

The Impact Of Global Warming On The Environment Essay

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For thousands of years books have been a primary source of knowledge and entertainment (, 2016). However we are not the same world we were five thousand years ago and it is time to say good bye to books(, 2016). Videos were once the way of the film industry and now we have DVDs and it is time for the same thing to happen with books and use ebooks instead.
Film until Late 1990s
Books have negative health effects, they are impractical and are increasingly impacting the environment.
Global warming is becoming a developing issue in today’s society and part of this problem is due to the loss in trees (Scientific American, 2016). The increasing amount of trees being cut down is resulting in the increase of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere emitting more than the cars and trucks on the roads.

If the release of books continues then the amount of trees cut down will increase, increasing the issue of global warming to soon result in the extinction of mankind. Therefore to stop this from happening we need to instead reduce the amount of books. Do you want to live? Or would you rather let books live for hundreds of years to come? Not only do ebooks have less of a damaging effect on our environment but they are also much more practical.

Most people who read books would know that there can be many problems that come along with this activity. When reading a book pages may get stuck together and so you may try to separate them but in the process you tear a page. Also if you have children or toddlers, book pages being torn is a regular battle (Circle of Moms, 2016). Pages continuously being torn can become very frustrating and over time result in unnecessary stress problems. As ebooks are not physical pages but...

... middle of paper ... the amount of books you own and buy. Now book lovers may be thinking ‘but if we get rid of books there will be a shortage in jobs.’ Well when you think about it there won’t, writers can still write their books they will merely be eBooks instead of printing on dead trees. Librarians can stay because libraries can still be used as a way of viewing old books. Then there’s just book sellers but with the increase of eredaers being purchased more ereader sellers will need to be employed so therefore there will be little or no loss in jobs. There are many different types of ereaders so you can find the right one for you including; Kindle Voyage, NOOK GlowLight, Kobo Aura H20, Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo Glo, Kindle, jeBook Colour 2 and the Onyx Boox M96 (TopTenREVIEWS, 2016). So what are you waiting for, go buy your ereader today and get ready to say good bye to books.

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