The Impact of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

The Impact of Genetically Modified Foods Essay

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It is not a secret that GMF-ed foods have spread out rapidly to the whole world.Genetically modified foods most commonly refers to the plants, which has been modified in the laboratory to enhance improved nutritional content and aimed traits created for human beings and animals. With progress in various types of technology, especially in genetic engineering, farmers and scientists have changed the way in which food is grown and made, raising questions about the methods, their risks and possible effects. GMFs have raised concerns over their own beneficial in that they are resistant to diseases, produces greater yields, and it improves the nutrition of foods making the people unaware about their effects..Every time we go to any grocery stores or supermarkets, we would not know whether the vegetables, fruits or even meats being sold are genetically modified.To make this situation worse, most consumers do not pay much attention to what they are eating, when they are actually consuming modified foods.

It's not difficult to think back to a time when food was simpler and healthier. How did we get to the point where genetically modified organisms fall in so much of what we eat ?While genetic domination in foods can be traced throughout history, the modern wonder of GMOs showed up in just the last few years. The 1980’s marks the discovery that specific pieces of DNA that could be transferred from one organism to another. This became the basis of the genetic modification process. In 1983, the first transgenic plant, a tobacco plant resistant to antibiotics was created. Five years later, the leading biotech company, introduced soybeans.Later genetic modification was enhanced even further in 2000, when scientist discovered that the mo...

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...d foods.Of course, this is a huge industry nowadays that obviously can’t be stopped, but I believe that there are other ways to save people from hunger and increase the crop production.Personally, I am sure that there can be nothing better and healthier than organic food and I totally disapprove any form of genetic engineering Thus, let’s leave in harmony with nature, eat its wholesome fruits and be incredibly sound.


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