Impact of Gangs in American Society Essays

Impact of Gangs in American Society Essays

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Impact of Gangs in American Society
An estimate of thirty-three thousand violent street gangs and prison gangs operate criminally in the United States today. Throughout the years, these crews have been increasing in violence and caused many deaths. Gangs have influenced the streets with violence, drugs, and much more crime, such as in robbery, fraud, extortion, and trafficking. Each year gang affiliation increases in American society. If gang participation decreases, then the amount of gang-related violence and deaths would reduce within a matter of time.
Street gangs have led many people through the wrong paths of their lives, which results in committing serious crimes. They influence one with the worst and make one do elements that impact other people. The concept of how gangs usually work is in order to be accepted into one, the person has to be jumped in by the existing members. “That meant getting into the center of a circle and fighting your way through an attack by four to six other gang members as they stomped and beat until you proved your by proving by heart” (Sitomer 2). Also, they tend to get tattoos and make them represent the gang in some type of style. Part of their initiation is that members are then given orders to prove how honest and loyal they are to the gang by doing graffiti or robbing. A collection of gangs tend to wear certain color clothing and several tend to adopt hand signals or symbols.
Today police are discovering that kids as young as nine and ten years old are affiliated with gangs. In order to decrease the number of gang activity, it cannot just be achieved by the law enforcement alone. It takes a community to make this come to a conclusion, such as parents, authorities, and schools. Parents are...

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...asically continue as a result of the members in them is searching for a sense of being characterized. When a part of a group has been together for a while they start to treat each other as a family. Their main spotlight turns into the gang and they forget about the things that are actually important.
Today gang-violence is proven to be responsible for much of the city’s crimes. In fact Alert ID showed that homicides involving adult or young gang violence have increased eighty percent since 1976. Gangs will never come to an end, they will always be around. In order for there to be a decrease in gang incorporation the change has to come from every individual. The New York Police Department has in fact been strategizing on how to take down these crews. It requires parent’s attention to have on their child’s and allow them not to get miscarried away with these gangs.

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