The Impact Of Gang Membership On The Individuals Essays

The Impact Of Gang Membership On The Individuals Essays

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When one hears the word “gangs”, many would start leaving the premises or speak in hushed whispers due to the threats attached to these groups. Some would argue, especially its members, that the perceptions on gangs are exaggerated considering that not all gangs are violent in nature. Regardless of these arguments, many often fear gangs as history and the media portray the violence and chaos brought by these groups when they are in their territories or fighting rival organizations. However, there are several sentiments being raised by people when it comes to the possible impacts of gang membership to the individual who become involved with these gangs. How much changes would these gangs bring to the individual and the community? Gang membership would change a member’s relationship with his family and his overall physiological state; whilst gang presence would trigger problems for schools and communities due to the onset of crime and violence.

Impact of Gang Membership on the Individuals
While many are enticed to join gangs for a multitude of reasons and intentions, membership has a lot of long-term impacts that these members would not realize unless it is too late. In terms of families, Sackville (2013) stated that gang membership is seen differently by family members. Some perceive it beneficial because gangs can bring in financial and material benefit, often turning to the other side and ignoring their child’s gang affiliation. Others even believe they would greatly benefit in the community given their affiliation to the gang. On the other hand, gang membership of family members often incite the increase in stress and worry considering the activities of gangs and the possibility that they would be hurt due to revenging gangs....

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...ssen the degree of anti-authority. However, should their contact result negatively, it may instill further aggression towards the authorities. Anti-authority attitudes are seen by many experts as one of the common justifications and reasons why people are lured into joining these gangs (Alleyne & Wood, 2010).
On another note, gang membership also increase self-esteem according to several studies conducted regarding the issue. According to Hethorn (1994), gang members often gain confidence as gang membership permits them to express their selves freely, may it be in their actions or clothing. Gang members tend to use fashion as a means to identify themselves through their clothing and often times permits them to belong to their group. Sometimes, their non-gang friends would mimic them for their clothing and style to fit in. It is often observed that gang fashion were

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