The Impact Of Father Involvement On A Single Parent Household Essay

The Impact Of Father Involvement On A Single Parent Household Essay

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The Impact of Father Involvement in a Single-Parent Household

Throughout my childhood I grew up in a single family household ran by my father. He was not only a father to myself, but raised my two older sisters as well. From such a young age I grew up in a single family household with my father as my primary caregiver. This is what I consider to be my “normal”. Not until I reached my later years in high school and into college did a truly began to realize and understand the impact a Father has on their child’s life. Within the past decade or so the idea that a fathers role in the development of their child’s life is becoming increasing more important. Being an involved father can be defined in many different ways, by both directly and indirectly. For example, a father can provide direct interaction with his children such through caretaking and play time. On the other side, indirectly a father can provide the responsibility of providing financial support and managing resources for his child. . As for many traditional family homes, the father’s role is more of the provider and stereo typical sports coach. For myself, a father’s involvement is so much more than that. A father’s involvement to me means being my number one rock. From going above and beyond in not only providing the financial aspects to keep up with my ever growing needs, but also being my emotional support and life coach. The abilities a father can provided for their children is truly endless.
Looking back, many of my parents and grandparents generations can remember how involved or uninvolved their father was in their life and most would agree it was more uninvolved than involved. As for today’s fathers, we have noticed a greater change. More and more fathers are a...

... middle of paper ...

...of divorce (Finley, 2003).
Continuing into my early adulthood years, I eventually plan to have kids of my own. As I do not wish for my future children to have the same family structure of a single-parent father household, I do hope they have the same level of father involvement in their lives as I did mine. I have truly been blessed with this different family structure and look at it as no disadvantage, but an advantage to see just how truly the importance a father’s involvement can impact his child. I plan to incorporate this level of involvement by working with my partner, encouraging and supporting the relationship between him and my kids. Along with, practicing more equal gender roles with my partner. This will show my children that not only can their father be there for the fun athletic side and discipline, but also a strong foundation for emotional support.

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