The Impact of Evolution and Culture on English Language Differences in the Genders

The Impact of Evolution and Culture on English Language Differences in the Genders

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Even though men and women both the same language, they speak it very differently. “Language is the means by which we transmit our ideas, feelings, and needs” (Lopez-Rocha 195). The different forms of English they speak can cause communication problems between them. It is a common saying that half of American marriages end in divorce. “Communication problems was cited as the most common factor that leads to divorce (65 percent)” (Poor). Sometimes it is not an actual lack of communication but rather a perceived one. Men and women communicate very different from each other and often misunderstand each other. What influences men and women to speak differently? Evolutionary roles, need for survival, and cultural perception are the main influences on why men speak more objectively and aggressive and women speak more subjectively and passive.
Obviously, men and women are different sexes and different genders. Lots of people tend to use the words sex and gender interchangeably but sex and gender are not synonyms. According to “Theorizing Gender in Sociolinguistics and Linguistic Anthropology”, “I use the term “sex” only when I was speaking of biological differences between males and females and use “gender” whenever I was referring to the social, cultural, psychological constructs that are imposed upon these biological differences. (Mcelhinny 22). Sex only has to do with the physical form and the hormones produced. A person is born a specific sex: either male or female. Gender is society’s definition of how either sex should behave.
Evolution is the force behind how sex impacts language. “The term evolution is used to describe a heritable change in one or more characteristics of a population from one generation to the next” (Brooker 459...

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