The Impact Of Electronic Devices On Children Essay

The Impact Of Electronic Devices On Children Essay

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The impact of Electronic devices on Children
Children today aren’t that different from children decades ago. They like to play outside all day, riding bikes, playing sports and building forts. They are curious, and sometimes reckless, and they occasionally get into trouble, without knowing why. It’s not so much the children that have changed in the world today. But if we pay attention to children around they are focus put their phones, video games, and computer. They spend more time on electronic devices than doing any other things. Electronic devices have brought different kinds of negative affect to children.
First, the addiction on using electronic devices, nowadays, we can easily find children as young as two years old are playing with an electronic devices anywhere. That is not only the video games that make the children stay, it is also included television, mobile phones and smart phone application, computers, tablet computers, PSP games and etc. With these electronic devices children today starting to spend more time on devices and games than doing any other things. The devices and games tend to keep children out of touch of reality, in other word children are addicted to games on electronic devices.The addiction of games may also make them get used to the sedentary lifestyles, and develop unhealthy lifestyle. Especially for who children play violent games for a long period of time, they are tending to be more aggressive, and they are more prone to confront their elderly and teachers. This may not be a good sign, and
may let the children easily involved in fighting and verbally scolding with peers.
Second, concentration on study and outdoor activity, if children spend too much time on electronic devices, this may affec...

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...ut anyone warning them. Once they get eyes damage it is too late, and as they grow up, their eyes will become worse, which they might have to wear glasses the rest of their lives. My two young sisters are wearing glasses which are kind of a shock to me when I first notice.
Children nowadays live under an environment that are surrounded by electronic devices. The good sign is they are able to get in touch with these devices in their early age, so they are able to understand a lot better as the grow up. The bad sign is they are not using it in an appropriate way. The impact of electronic devices on children are still happening and it is going to get worse if children and people who are around the children aren’t managing the time children spend of electronic devices. Once there is something really happens on them there is no time to feel regret because it is too late.

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