Essay on The Impact Of Domestic Violence On Women

Essay on The Impact Of Domestic Violence On Women

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The Impact that Domestic Violence has on Women

Domestic violence continues to be an ongoing issue in our society; it affects women that we all
know personally, coworkers, classmates and family members. Domestic violence is a community issue
as well. The impact of domestic violence affects all classes of people, race, religion, sex but it is most
commonly experienced and reported by women. More than one in three women has experienced
domestic violence by an intimate partner , as stated by Chanmugam(2014). Also state by Chanmugam
(2014) that 2,340 of those individuals in the United States were murdered by an intimate partner in
2007 and women made up 70 percent of the homicides. The impact of domestic violence can affect a
woman’s, self-image, and ability to function, trust, it has long lasting social ramifications, affects her
emotional and psychological well-being. According to Merriam-Webster, Domestic Violence is defined
as: The inflicting of physical injury by one family or house hold member on another, also: a repeated or
habitual pattern of such behavior.
This behavior could be experienced through many forms of violence, and therefore labeled as
emotional abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse. Domestic violence is also considered a
major health issue Aagazie( 2013). Women impacted by domestic violence often times struggle with low
self-esteem and can be easily controlled by their abuser. Abusers of domestic violence intimidate their
victims and use intimidation as a scare tactic towards the female victims , according to Agazie (2013).
It’s clear that domestic violence is still a major social issue and needs to be contended with. As stated by
Chanmugam (2014). Younger wom...

... middle of paper ...

...oes not discriminate against class, race,
age religion or ethical beliefs. The scholar also concludes that social workers play and important role in
assisting domestic violence victims, family members, communities and will help to develop outreach
They are also qualified and capable of positive intervention. The impact of domestic violence
sometimes starts out as a private issue; for example abuse in the home and then it can spill over into
the work place causing it become a public matter that has to be addressed through different laws,
polices, community outreach and also cause for the help of all in society to acknowledge, help to shed
light, bring about constructive criticism, resources and funding . This student would like to note that all
of the resources cited above helps her to draw such a conclusion.

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