The Impact Of Diversity On The Major Concepts Of Psychology Essay

The Impact Of Diversity On The Major Concepts Of Psychology Essay

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The influence of diversity on the major concepts of psychology
The psychology field is a scientific field that deals with human emotion, motivation, behavior and cognition. It is subdivided into various specializations that are concerned with psychological science while others deal with the application of science in handling real world problems. According the American Psychological Association, there are over 54 unique subdivisions in the field of psychology. These areas focus on different areas which have numerous sub-disciplines. Such sub-disciplines of psychology often display a vast diversity through covering various inquiry areas. Some of the areas covered include; how genetics contributes to abnormal behaviors and how a person’s environment is likely to affect his or her personality. The major concepts of psychology on the other hand deals with varying aspects of people’s lives which are influenced by psychology’s sub-disciplines which in turn reflects the diverse nature of the psychology field (Helms & Rogers, 2010).
Sub-disciplines of psychology
Clinical psychology
This sub-discipline of psychology uses psychological principles to attempt to predict, alleviate and comprehend the various aspects of human functioning. Some of the aspects that this sub-discipline looks at include; social, psychological, biological, intellectual and emotional aspects. Clinical psychologists usually perform assessments and treatments for emotional, mental and behavioral mental illnesses and problems. In some occasions, clinical psychologists focus on specific mental disorders and problems, for example attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and clinical depression (Trull & Prinstein, 2013). In other instances, clinical psychologists ...

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...oach of treatment. Through this strategy, I am sure I will be of great importance to the society.
The field of psychology is very diverse. The diversity presented in the field has a huge significant of psychological concepts. The various sub-disciplines of psychology have numerous sub-topics which can have a huge impact when applied to the contemporary society. For instance, the clinical and industrial psychology have subtopics which have a direct impact on people’s lives. The clinical psychology area deals with assisting people suffering from mental disorders whereas Industrial and organization psychology deals with people’s behavior in the workplace. Through the studies of this psychology, managers are able to know the needs of their employees, thus fulfilling theirs. Their fulfilment leads to improved employee morale and most importantly productivity.

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