Impact of Digital Marketing on Food Service Industry Essay

Impact of Digital Marketing on Food Service Industry Essay

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Statement of the Problem
In the contemporary world, every type of business is going digital. Manufacturers, retail stores, and restaurants, to name just a few, are realizing unimaginable profit margins due to incorporating modern technology in their marketing strategies. Entrance of digital media and real-time marketing into the scene has resulted in a significant improvement in the traditional ways of marketing and carrying out business. Dissemination of information and media has been highly revolutionized. However, there is limited research related to real-time marketing especially as it concerns the service industry.
Digital media have proved to be very efficient in their degree of reliability and fast data transmission. This has led to a major boosts in the connectivity and communication of restaurant businesses with their customers. In restaurants, there exists a very close relationship between the attendants and the customer. With such attributive aspect, good customer-producer relations can be built comprehensively through digital media. This study will help justify the past research work and will also seek to unravel the mystery of the impact of technological marketing approaches on the discovery and progress of food and restaurant services enterprises.

The internet is the biggest digital networking tool. The internet offers a number of platforms for digital marketing. Many electronic communication tools offer access to the internet. Personal computers, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, and various other electronic products offer access to the internet. Over the internet, platforms such as websites, emails, applications (classic and mobile) and social networks are essential for marketing (Hutley,...

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... of current research (Belch & Belch, 2001).


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