The Impact of Dietary Acculturation on The Rates of Obesity Essay

The Impact of Dietary Acculturation on The Rates of Obesity Essay

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The study addresses the impact of dietary acculturation on the rates of obesity among the migrant communities in Logan, South-East Queensland. Dietary acculturation is a result of migration and involves the adoption of nutritional behaviours and dietary practices of the host countries by the migrants (1). It has been associated with an increased incidence of obesity and diabetes among the migrants. (2). This study looks at the information nutrition needs of African and Pacific Islander communities in Logan.
Stakeholders includes anyone with a “stake” in an evaluation or study (3). In this study, relevant stakeholders were the migrant communities mainly the African and Pacific Islanders. Other stakeholders included the local council officials in health and social services, organizations working within the government health sector in Logan, Non-Governmental Organizations, and the Logan-Beaudesert Place Based Initiative of Queensland Health.
The study targeted migrant community members living in the Logan Region in Queensland. The participants were migrants from Africa (Congo, Ethiopia, Burundi and Sudan), and the Pacific Islanders (Samoa, Cook Islands, Tonga and the New Zealand (the Maori)).
A “front-end” evaluation is described as a “nothing to something” or approach of developing a program from the scratch (4). It is carried out at the start of a program when developing the themes. It involves generating input from the targeted population on their existing knowledge, their expectations and preparing to present such information so that it can be easily interpreted. A front-end evaluation involves conducting a baseline-needs assessment, utilisation of research and literature revi...

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