The Impact of Destination Resort Casinos Essay

The Impact of Destination Resort Casinos Essay

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"Destination casino" is a term used to refer to the integrated resort casinos that characterize the luxurious integrated resort casinos of Las Vegas. Increased tourism, conventions and trade shows are associated with these enterprises ("What is"). Las Vegas hosts 22,000 meetings and conventions and has been a leading trade show destination of 16 consecutive years ("What is"). This industry is responsible for 46,000 local jobs and is estimated to provide the local economy with $4.5 billion each year ("What is"). The same positive economic impact that is enjoyed by Las Vegas could be reaped by the State of Florida if the legislature passes the laws required to establish destination resort casinos in South Florida.
A recent poll, which was funded by the Las Vegas Sands casino conglomerate, indicated that the majority of Florida residents polled favored the establishment of destination casino resorts in South Florida (Deslatte). According to Dave Sackett of the Tarrance Group, which is the organization that conducted the poll, 63 per cent of likely Florida voters supported the initiative (Beaton). This poll also determined that 67 per cent of those polled indicated that they would be more likely to favor destination construction if they were certain that this initiative would "'create tens of thousands of new, good-paying jobs and bolster economic development through tourism'" (Deslatte). While support for destination casinos was stronger in South Florida, 54 per cent of voters in Northwest Florida favored it as well (Beaton).
Opponents to destination casinos argue that the Las Vegas Sands-backed poll is bogus and that the survey that was previously conducted, which showed Florida voters to be narrowly divided on the issue (Deslatt...

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... these enterprises will increase revenue streams for both the state and local economies. It is, therefore, difficult to perceive how this development could be viewed as anything less than a beneficial development for all concerned. The Walt Disney Corporation fears that expansion of Florida's gambling industry will negatively impact Disney's family-friendly orientation; however, it is arguable that the Broadway caliber shows and the other attractive amenities that are typically part of destination resort casinos will prove to be features that attract, rather than alienate, families. It is anticipated that in the upcoming 2014 session of the Florida Legislature, gambling interests will once again pursue this goal (Rohrer). By voting yes in regards to this legislation, the Florida legislature can bring the benefits of destination resort casinos to the state's economy.

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