Essay on Impact Of Curricular Activities On Employment

Essay on Impact Of Curricular Activities On Employment

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Employability has been defined as “the capability to gain initial employment, maintain employment and obtain new employment if required” (McQuaid and Lindsay, 2005; Hillage and Pollard, 1998). Although, the concept has been widely defined and generally accepted by researchers, there is still confusion as to how an individual tends to develop employment capacity in particular. Many researches have been conducted to identify the need to acquire and to find ways through which the capacity could be developed. The transition of the students from education to work has to be smooth to be more effective and benefit both the student as well as the general society.
Due to the changing economy, the employability of graduates has become a key issue. The employers have been involved in numerous researches demonstrating the other attributes which they prefer that are not job specific namely the interpersonal, organization and behavioral skills. This is the major reason why the higher education institutes have been emphasizing on providing education in a manner that the employability skills could be incorporated. Employers do not wish to hire graduates who need to be trained and taught everything. Companies build their competitive edge over their rivals by exploiting their human capital and it is only possible when the employees already possess the necessary skills for their job.
Labor Market Trends
Over the years, a perception has been build that in order to enhance the prospects of the labor market, the students ought to participate in extracurricular activities. Such activities help the students to acquire leadership attributes and work in tea...

... middle of paper ... the development of the employability skills that students acquire from the extracurricular activities. Employers tend to hire the graduates who have been known to possess certain soft skills along with the technical job-specific traits including the ability to communicate, to work in teams, manage time, handle stress, and to lead teams in times of crisis. All the mentioned traits cannot be learned through theory and identifying the pre-existing traits becomes easier by extracurricular involvement. Activities such as seminars, workshops, roleplaying, sports, and organizing events helps in the improvement of spreading awareness among the students of what is required from them once they initiate their careers. Many researches have been conducted stating the success of the graduates in pursuing employment who had been actively participating in extracurricular tasks.

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