The Impact Of Culture On A Healthcare Organization Essay

The Impact Of Culture On A Healthcare Organization Essay

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In an environment that deals with a vast amount of the diverse population, culture is very important. In fact, many healthcare organizations benefit immensely from the impact of culture in a diverse setting. One benefit of this setting is that culture provides guidelines for employees, patients, doctors, visitors, and others that utilize these facilities. Healthcare organizations set the foundation of their companies using cultural beliefs, values, and a code of conduct to create a diverse and accepting workplace.
The healthcare’s culture, usually, is similar to the culture of the community it is located in. This is due to fact that healthcare organizations rely on the external factors around them while depending on the market sector in order to operate. These organizations also rely on the population around them to gain revenue, clients, and resources. In doing so, another benefit healthcare organizations gain from similar values are bonds; which allows the organizations to builds trust with their community.
The next point further explains why a community’s culture has a huge impact on a healthcare organization. When the community is diverse, there must be consideration for different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, considering the community when running an organization is an important decision to make that impacts the healthcare community.
For most of the population, the primary relationship people naturally belong to is in a family. This fundamental bond is crucial to the development of an individual. This is no different in the healthcare world. For example, when a patient sees their provider or walks into their community health facility, it is a personal experience that builds into a relationship. Healthcare organizations a...

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...ential in maintaining desired cultures within the healthcare organization. It is important for every member in the healthcare organization to not only be diverse but also understand cultural diversity. This understanding starts at the foundation of the organizations. Values and beliefs help the healthcare organizations establish culture. When considering culture, healthcare organizations recognize racial diversity. Diversity and culture go hand-in-hand, which can impact the success of healthcare organizations. Essentially, a healthcare facility and the population it interacts with forms bond. In order to have a strong bond, values and beliefs are crucial, but solidarity is also essential. By accepting diversity and having shared behaviors, it allows organizations to run efficiently, grow, and reduce discrimination in order to deliver quality care to the population.

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