Impact of Cultural Traditions Essay

Impact of Cultural Traditions Essay

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Imagine being a female who isn't entitled to have an opinion. Imagine yourself being forced into believing in superstitions which are passed down from generation to generation in your culture. Now take a second to think and count the American retail giants that are storming into the market. Do not be astonished if you lose the count. This is because globalization has invaded our society. Isn’t it essential for people to do what they think is right, without any limitations? We are different and are entitled to live the way we want. One’s culture plays an important role in shaping the principles of the individual’s life. The cultural values of an individual have a deep impact on their attitude toward life. However, our cultures do not make us who we are due to some cultures having gender inequality, cultural disciplinary actions clash with the laws of New Zealand, superstitions and the effect of globalization dominated by American marketing which are steadily impairing our identity.

In some parts of the world, old customs and prejudices still prevail and women are still considered second-rate citizens. According to an article published by BBC UK, women in Saudi Arabia do not vote in municipal elections, women are banned from driving and face many other restrictions based on the Islamic law (sharia) in the Qur'an and hadith (teachings of Muhammad). The sexes are strictly separated in public and women are required to have compulsory male guardians who show dominance by having the female walk a few paces behind. However, it is just a matter of time until these women, too, become emancipated; for the moment, their culture decides who they are allowed to be. Hopefully, in the future, they can be freed from the yoke of ignorance and r...

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.... The loss of indigenous traditions and values to this onslaught is disheartening as globalization destroys the diversity that makes human race.

In conclusion, culture is pre-eminent in our society as it moulds us into characters deemed to be acceptable and it helps in rendering a sense of individualism to people. However, we do not have to accept some of the beliefs and faiths reinforcing gender inequality and superstitions which impair our identity. Such beliefs should be disregarded and while this transformation holds its dangers, it is a trial every individual must face and a change they must adapt to take their place in the society. Also the conflict between culture with law and the issue of globalization needs to be addressed in order to restore the spirit of cultural pride among individuals. We are different and are entitled to live the way we want.

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