The Impact Of Cubism On The 20th Century Essay

The Impact Of Cubism On The 20th Century Essay

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Cubism was known as one of the most influence styles during the 20th century. Picasso and Braque were the two man who decided one day to be different from everyone else. The thing about the 20th century was that many people did not had the guts to try something new. Braque and Picasso were rebels they didn 't like being the followers they wanted to be the leaders , the very best. They created the style cubism, this type of art involved two dimensional and different types geometric shapes(Reward 1).These two artist created piece of work that until present day people from all other countries want to learn about Picasso and Braque success during the early 20th century. Many people rejected cubism for many reasons. First, they didn 't think it was correct to change art , they thought it was better to continue their old ways. Second, they simply did not want to be rebels. Even though, there were negative artistes that didn 't support changes there was also other artistes that were very influence by it.
France was were cubism first started and it then spread to other countries . Many people from other countries were very influence by cubism. Many of them travel all the way to France to learn more about this new style . Artists like David Bomberg , Juan Gris , and Fernanded Leger were some of the many artist that also got influence by Picasso and Braque (Rowals 1). Even though, they were inspired by the style cubism they also didn 't want to be followers , they added their own twist to their art work. Adding their own styles to be “different”. Being different got them very far and to be important artist in the 20th century .
David Bomberg was a British artist that got influence by cubism in the year 1914. He thoughts about this style ...

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...ted. He did this fine work in 1913 and was classified as cubism. It was cubism but he use harmonious colors with oil canvas . Different from Picasso work , because he didn 't use those types of colors. Also, in Violin and Checkerboard he used more shapes like triangles and rectangles . Which is something that is not seen in Picasso and Braque.
Many artistes had differednt views on how they got influence by a type of art .Some followed it step by sleep others did their own thing , which made them special. Other than Bomberg and Gris there were many more artisted that made a great impact in the 20th century. Even in todays world theres artist that still go with the styles of Matisse, Picasso, Braque , and many others. As the years past more art artistes create there own way of expressing there work , but no matter what it will always have a style from the old days.

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