Essay The Impact Of Computers On Individuals Today

Essay The Impact Of Computers On Individuals Today

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The Impact that Computers Have on Individuals today
Computers have become a great source for everyone throughout the world today. In today’s society, computers are used for work places, homework sources, and more. People now care for them like they care for their cellular devices, they can’t leave their homes without their cell phones and now their computers. My pastor even has a computer/laptop filled with his notes when he’s teaching and preaching his sermons during church on Sundays. Everyone uses computers including young children, teens, adults, and even elderly people. They have impacted many lives today and created great encouragement for many people, though they become so oblivious to people around the world today.
Computers are electronic devices used to store data. Things like laptops, iPad, desktops, PC’s and more are all computers or things that are closely related to computers and can do some of the same things that computers could. People travel with their computers when their going all over the world for the sake of them catching upon work or when they work from home and more. Instead of having the internet only at home which is a source used for people who likes to search the web online to do things, they are now able to take the internet with them on their computers like having wireless internet or even having it on their phones which allows them to connect their phones to their computers so their able to use the browser on their phones and the computers. Computers have become a great establishment for people everywhere and with the internet, they are able to do even more than they imagined. While some people are still using their type-writers today, computers are on a much higher level and can do way more than...

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...all online. For example, I am currently in school and I think doing some of my classes online are way much easier than being in the class. Therefore, I think that life would be totally different without computers; they were designed for greater use only not for the illegal things that some people do with them. They have even helped some people find jobs or apply for them all online instead of doing a lot of traveling or filling out a lot of forms in order to complete an application. They even have great entertainment like playing games, listening to music, even creating music, writing stories, and more. They were designed to impact people lives and the use of them shall perish. They should be used even more today. I think that people should now give the internet to everyone now with the consistency of computers and we would all be amazed at what some people can do.

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