The Impact Of Computer Games On Society Essay

The Impact Of Computer Games On Society Essay

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Within this assignment I will describe the impact on computer games on society. Over the past twenty year, the influence of gaming development has both negative and positive effects on society. One of the impacts which affect the society is that the games will continue to develop and grown for the users to continue to pay and play the games which are released. For example, gaming hardware has to consistently grow and change for the direct effect on the users. This also has an impact on the gaming industry because the change in the technology.
Staring with the positive side effects to gaming starts with the user is able to develop on the hand-eye co-ordination in different sectors. For example, it is proven that surgeons who have played games have become more advanced in hand-eye co-ordination because they have trained the hand-eye co-ordination over a long period of time while gaming in leisure time. Also, if the user plays sport related game they are automatically trained to use the hand-eye co-ordination to complete different stages. For example, the user may own a Wii console and when playing bowling or tennis it isn’t recognised but they are consequentially trained to use hand-eye co-ordination. The higher the stimulation of the game will improve the hand-eye stimulus of the user. The use of hand-eye sensory allows the user to take the actions from the computer game to real life machinery, for example. This is the main benefit of increased the hand-eye co-ordination to control high tech machines without endangering of a trainee. Also, gaming allows the user to track and see the improvement of different games they play.
Another factor of positivity of gaming is how they train the brain is different ways, depending on the game...

... middle of paper ...

...more infused by the game farther than the reality of life. Gaming is used for the leisure of the user and not to take over the reality of life.
Another factor is education linked with gaming and this can be a positive effect. However, it can affect the development of a child through education overall. The time which is spent playing games effects the time which can be spent researching for didn’t subject within education which becomes a problem for children. There are definitely educational benefits to gaming to activate the brain and think about the different strategies but it can take its toll and have the negative point to the user and society overall. However, it is proven that selection of students who are addicted to gaming will choose to play games and lose concentration with lessons within educational time, this also has an impact on other students as well.

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