The Impact of Chick Evans on the Golfing Community Essay

The Impact of Chick Evans on the Golfing Community Essay

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6AM. A young man wakes up, showers, and eats breakfast. He then continues to his bedroom, embellishing himself in the simple yet characteristic mixture of white and khaki. He continues to his place of employment, breathing the soft scent of elm and grass. Within the caddie must lay the characteristics of a well-rounded, young adult, embodying the work ethic of those most inspiring before him. Charles “Chick” Evans, who once was a caddy and worldly renowned golfer, appreciates the fine young adults that have endured the morning wakeup call everyday in the summer. To whom that are applicable can ultimately be awarded the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship. Named after Chick Evans himself because he dropped out of college in 1912 for lack of money, the scholarship is funded by donations from golfers and the proceeds of an annual professional tournament (Spears, 1995). Although Chick Evans has passed away many years ago, his legacy still lives on through the 825 scholars currently enrolled in 19 universities all across the United States. Chick Evans has made a profound have impact on the golf community and caddies looking for a way to pay for college.
Charles Evans, Jr. was born in Indianapolis on July 18, 1890. His family moved to Chicago’s North side when he was three. Nearby was the former Edgewater Golf Club, which became an irresistible attraction for Chick. At the age of eight he was introduced to golf as a caddie. This contact launched him into eight decades of association with golf as a boy prodigy, national star, golf official, and finally the greatest humanitarian and benefactor the game has known (A look at the Evans Scholars Program). Golf was everything for Chick. From waking up each morning to caddy or playing a round of...

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...y of a lifetime to those that are less fortunate when it comes to affording college. Chick was given a lot and accepted very little. Although the idea of the caddie-scholarship came from his mother, Chick used his own money to fund the scholarship. Chicks mentality he instilled in the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship of, to whom much is given, much is expected, lives on through the 825 Evans Scholars still enrolled in school today.


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