Essay on Impact of Change in India

Essay on Impact of Change in India

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Jubilant India was celebrating! 1st March 2011, the day when a cricket crazy nation repeated the history by clinching six-wicket victory to win the biggest game in the world of cricket. A new chapter in golden words was added to the glorious Indian Cricket history.
Six months later, the fluttering national flags were back. Although, this time it was not Dhoni, not cricket but the real heroes were the citizens of the largest democracy in the world who were celebrating the victory of democracy. The atmosphere was escalating. Such Frenzied celebrations and enthusiasm was not seen in the last many decades. India was partying with boisterous merriments that made the world to turn their heads towards the home of oldest civilisation for source of inspiration.
The captain who led the country to such historical victory was a former soldier from a barren village in Maharashtra, “Mahatma” Anna Hazare. Clad with plain white kurta-pajama, this tenacious soldier turned social reformer proved the world how to bring the winds of change and make an impact. The prefix “Mahatma” has been earned by him for his crusading efforts in reforming the system rusted by the corruption. For young India, The father of nation was limited to their textbooks. But, in the past few months, they witnessed what they were taught in schools.
Before anti-corruption agitation, he was instrumental in empowering his village, Ralegan Siddhi into an “ideal village” model through his unprecedented resurrection efforts. He piloted the villagers to work for water conservation and prevention of soil erosion. After the combined efforts of hundreds of villagers, the water table rose making water available to 15, 00 hectares of the land instead of 300 acres. Sequentially, vil...

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... I always used to ignore the political section while reading the newspaper because I nonchalantly believed that the system is dirty and will remain dirty forever. So, why to waste time in reading it. But, today I realize the importance of following the day-to-day events in the streets of parliament because this government is elected by us and we are down the lane accountable for it. After every five years, the responsibility rests on us to choose a competent leader who can make our country a better place to live in.
Therefore, I would like to bring to the conclusion that when I saw the front page picture on Hindustan times in which Vilasrao Deshmukh bows before Anna Hazare as he hands over the PM letter to the social activist, I reprised which I once read in my civics textbooks in class ninth: Democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people.

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