The Impact of Cell Phone Usage on Our Social Life Essays

The Impact of Cell Phone Usage on Our Social Life Essays

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There are more cell phones than residents in Britain (, 2007). The first cell phone was invented by Dr. Martin Cooper and John F Mitchell in 1973 (, 2014). Cell phone use has escalated over the years. Not only does cell phone usage affect the character traits of a person and their ability to hold regular, face to face conversations, it also affects a person’s ability to have healthy, stable relationships.
Cell phones have changed from an item of luxury to an everyday necessity for some people. Twenty five years ago, a phone was just a way to contact someone. Mobile phones have become one of the most common tools of communications for both young and old. Cellular devices have redefined relationships and social conduct, and transformed the daily lives of many individuals. Cell phones no longer function just as a communication device. Today it has many other uses. Cell phones are used for games, calculators, texting, calendars, social sites, and pictures. In addition, there are many apps that one can download on a phone. Mobile phones help us keep track of our lives.
Addiction to cell phones has become so widespread that scientists have come up with a name for it. Nomophobia (an abbreviation for no-mobile-phone phobia) is being afraid of being out of mobile contact. Studies have shown that this anxiety affects 61% of men and 70% of women. Men tend to have two cell phones which may account for this inconsistency. (, 2013.) Some people have become so addicted to their hand held devices
and can not even put them down at all, even while driving; this causes many accidents. Texting while driving has become a known danger now days, but not very many people know that texting while walki...

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