Essay about The Impact Of Carter On Development Across Domains

Essay about The Impact Of Carter On Development Across Domains

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The purpose of this child study was to collect information about Carter to assess his development across domains. The specific domains I had hoped to study were cognitive, language, physical and aesthetic. I wanted to determine his status in a variety of content areas to identify his strengths and needs across the curriculum. My central question was, is Carter meeting the goals set forth by the common core and/or the developmental continuum?

I found out from the parent interview that Carter comes from a single parent household and currently lives with his mother, thirteen year old sister and maternal grandparents. Both his mother and teacher agree that Carter’s greatest strengths are his math and maturity and his biggest weaknesses are his reading and comprehension. His mother also said in the parent interview that he “is a good listener …. [and] is good at expressing himself verbally.” So in terms of his language development she has also observed strengths in his speaking and listening skills

Assessment Overview
To assess his language development I collected samples that measured his listening, reading, writing and speaking abilities. The first evaluation I administered was the developmental spelling assessment, a developmental inventory/standardized test, which I used to measure his phonological awareness and ability to decode sounds. The second sample I gathered was a story and illustration sample, which required listening and writing skills. The assessment was journaling and a paper and pencil assessment. The reading sample was a performance assessment. Carter read to me while I marked any mistakes or errors. The comprehension questions were a paper and pencil assessment as he filled in the circles hi...

... middle of paper ... score. The portfolio shows each child’s individual progress and because of that it seems like a really good way to communicate a child’s progress across content areas in quick, short, snap shots. While grades may give an overall picture the portfolio really breaks that grade down assessment by assessment and allows students and their family’s to see each child’s efforts and accomplishments that made up the final grade they receive. I will definitely use portfolios in my classroom.
My goal is to use a variety of assessments to document student progress and communicate that information to families in a reader friendly way. Many of the assessments I collected and observed were strictly paper and pencil which may not accurately capture all that children know. In my own classroom I will use diverse assessment methods to further student’s learning and development.

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