The Impact Of Business Activities On The Environment Essay

The Impact Of Business Activities On The Environment Essay

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In this environment conscious world, there is a growing argument about the ways in which a business should run its activities that should not have any negative impact on the environment overall. Raderbauer, M. (2011) A research done at the University of Exeter indicated that Industry has been the perpetrator behind ruining the environment for fulfilling its short-term profits instead of long-term environment consequences. Many businesses have understood the importance of preserving the environment and thus it is in the betterment of its own business, keeping in mind the long-term profits they can have while making environment responsible decisions. Business are more affected by environment because they run with the help of all the raw materials and resources available in the environment. They work as a system and thus they can contribute more and can make a significant difference to the society rather than an individual because there are many people involved in this system. IKEA which is known through the world for its environmental responsible behavior while conducting its business activities to produce its products. (Sustainability Strategy2012, October) A recent article described about how IKEA took the initiative to install solar panels on three of their stores in Canada including approximately 3,790 panels. They generate approximately 1000000 kwh of renewable energy each year enough to light up 100 homes. Also from 2010, 33.33% of IKEA stores produced hot water with the help of sun rays. Their idea has led to and further lead to require less energy to run the building and create renewable energy equivalent to their actual use of energy. (Rothberg 2015, October 7) One of its upcoming stores in Las Vegas next year that will pr...

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...ncerns that all their resources are from sustainable environment. Customers also expect the businesses to create sustainability by taking actions in the interest of the environment. Perhaps, business work for customer needs and thus it is of utmost importance to fulfill their needs in this competitive world. A business with fewer or no customers will harm its profitability because existing competitors lure customers with exceptional strategies and services. Thus it is necessary for businesses to take steps that makes them stand apart from other businesses like IKEA does. Thus businesses having been striving to minimize the hazardous effects their activities can have on the environment to maintain stability and sustainability. It is the business as a whole that can help make environmentally responsible decisions including the management, stakeholders and the employees.

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