Impact of Building Information Modeling in LEED Rating Analysis of Newly Constructed Buildings

Impact of Building Information Modeling in LEED Rating Analysis of Newly Constructed Buildings

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Introduction and Background to the problem
With the alarming growth in the energy costs and environmental concern in construction projects there is a continuous demand for sustainable buildings. LEED® evaluates the sustainable performance through a 69-point credit system which mainly emphasizes Indoor environmental quality, energy and atmosphere, sustainable sites, water efficiency, materials and resources and innovation in design (Azhar, Carlton, Olsen and Ahmad (2011)).
The advent of Building Information Modeling (BIM) actuated the integration of different construction data in a single model. Bynum, Issa and Olbina (2012) suggested the implementation of BIM in the Design phase of construction to enhance the sustainable aspects of the design and construction. Azhar et al. (2011) described the use of BIM in determining material’s reuse, effective building orientation and perform daylight analysis to increase the sustainability of the building. According to the previous research the use of BIM during the design phase to perform the energy analysis will result in an efficient design minimizing the energy consumption of the building resulting in a sustainable building.
Problem Statement
The proposed study will identify and assess the impact of Building Information Modeling for LEED® rating analysis of newly constructed multi-story buildings in Texas.
The objectives of the research are
1. Investigation of the BIM contribution for LEED rating analysis.
2. Analysis of the benefits and obstacles of using BIM to support the LEED rating system.
3. To provide recommendations on how to apply BIM for LEED rating analysis.
The delimitations of this research are
1. The study is limited to new multi-story ...

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...rmation modeling in support of sustainable design and construction. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 139(1), 4-34.
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