The Impact Of Bmi On Direct Cost Essay

The Impact Of Bmi On Direct Cost Essay

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An analysis of the article The impact of BMI on direct cost in Children and Adolescents: empirical findings for the German Healthcare System based on the KiGGS-study reveals that Germany does not have the necessary data to make an effective report. Having parents fill out surveys on their children’s health is not a true representation of the child’s inner experience that will influence the will to live a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is a public health liability amongst the world and it continues to grow in our youth. Among German children and adolescents, ages 3-17, 15% (1.9 million) are overweight and 6.3% (800,000) are obese according to a national reference (Wenig 39). Represented by a cross-sectional survey the German Interview and Examination Survey for Children and Adolescents (KiGGS) used a bottom up approach to investigate body mass index on costs for health care. They performed the univariate analyses and the multivariate analyses were estimated. Essentially, being overweight or obese does have a positive effect on total cost, but its’ significance is none. We see this positive effect on higher physician costs because they are more likely to use healthcare services regularly. Though the article answers the question of BMI’s effect on direct cost in children and adolescents it has many strengths that support its answer but also weaknesses that hinder the validity of the answer.

Cross-sectional studies are efficient however they can be susceptible to errors based off the provided information from the participants. Also there is some representation issues for the children and adolescents under the age of 14. Parents are filling out the surveys on their child’s behalf, therefore the data is not fully accurate. Parents have an...

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In my opinion children over a wide range of age 3-17 years should not all be analyzed together? There are many factors that change throughout a child 's life year to year that could lead to obesity, so to have them categorized together statistically didn 't make sense to me. If the data were broken down in closer age groups than three years apart a deeper understanding could 've been had. Developmentally one can not compare a three year old child to a six year old, so why compare their lifestyle and eating habits? Also there were a lot of estimates due to parents filling out surveys which hinders the full understanding of the lifestyle of the child which can lead into a misinterpretation of the data. If more accurate measures where taken and the ages were broken down differently the reader could get a better look into the problem of children and adolescent obesity.

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