The Impact Of Bilingual Preschool Education On The Language Development Of Spanish Speaking Children

The Impact Of Bilingual Preschool Education On The Language Development Of Spanish Speaking Children

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In the second article The impact of bilingual preschool education on the language development of Spanish-speaking children by James L. Rodriguez. Rodriguez was the first to conduct a study on if Spanish speaking children attending a bilingual preschool impact their Spanish language background. Winsler was admired by Rodriguez’s study and wanted to test to see if what Rodriguez found was actually true. Well we already got a look at Winslers study, so now we can jump in and take a look at Rodriguez’s findings and see if what Winsler found was the same as Rodriguez results. So first we will look at why Rodriguez conducted this study. Then, we will talk about what he tested and if there were similarities between Winsler tests. Then, we will look at what was found in the tests. Finally, we will see if what Rodriguez found was the same or close to the same as Winslers study. Rodriguez’s study addressed the question of what effect bilingual preschool education has on the Spanish and English language development of Spanish-speaking children. To answer his question he also measured the language proficiency of children who were enrolled in a bilingual preschool and children who stayed at home for the day. I know you’re wondering why that sound familiar. Yes, Winsler also used those same two groups to conduct his study. In Rodriguez’s study his sample consisted 50 children who could speaks Spanish. The children who were in the study was between the ages 3 to 5 years at the time of the study. Out of the 50 children, 30 of them were children who attended a bilingual preschool. Their controlled group, which was the children who stayed at home consisted of 20 children. The 30 children who attended preschool, were members of a state-subsidized c...

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...oup status or Time main effect were found for the Spanish verbal complexity variables” (Rodriguez 1995). At the end of their study they concluded that overall all children in this study many appeared to be improving upon the Spanish proficiency while still attending a bilingual preschool. Those children who did attending the bilingual preschool did not experience language shift due to the loss of their home language. But, what they did find is that children who attended the bilingual preschool learned English at a faster rate compare to the children who stayed at home, but did not affect their Spanish development. They also concluded that not only did the children who attended the bilingual preschool improve in their ability to understand Spanish, but their Spanish receptive ability remained quite similar to the ability of the children who stayed home during the year.

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