The Impact Of Art On The Education System Essay

The Impact Of Art On The Education System Essay

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Art is everywhere , every tv show, every ad , and every book is art. That is why it is a vital part in today 's education system, but in the rush to bring ip standardized test scores art programs are being dramatically cut and forgotten about altogether. With the new focus being on Common Core State Standards, which does not include art as a core, schools are having to take away art budgets to focus on cores that are being tested on.
Art can be used to raise scores in every subject, “Students who took four years of art classes scored 91 points higher on their SAT exams than those who took half a year or less. Multiple studies also confirmed that there is a correlation between art engagement and students’ other achievements.” (Valeriya Metla) Even with the research linking art and better grades some educators think that it is more worth while to only focus on the core classes because it is more important to fund what is being tested than to help raise children who are creative.
Not only can art help improve a kids education over all, having it taught as a regular part of the curriculum helps children learn to express themselves in a way that is safe and promotes problem solving. There is no right answer in art so it allows the student to explore all options before finding the one that fits best for the problem. Art teaches children to think in completely different ways than math or science and to think about the world in a

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way that is not so structured. If we are going to increase the amount of work and testing in school we should also give children a release and a break from the testing.
Art does not have to be secluded in its own subject, it can be used all across the board to help teach other subjects like math. Not ...

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...ts from art education it does not make sense why they would be cut from school.
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Art is everywhere in the world, and if we get rid of art education we may also be getting rid of the next generations of great artists. If young children are not inspired at a young age how will they go through life as creative unique individuals. Art is an expression of a person and if we get rid of that expression kids will never learn that it is ok to be themselves, they will have to learn self expression from other places.
In a world full of negativity and and challenges children need to be able to turn to art as not only an escape and comfort but as a learning tool. Art should not be a luxury in school, it should become a necessity. “Art can transform lives. It gives us the power to question, to confront, to explore, and to challenge how we think of the world.” (Lucy Liu)

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