The Impact Of Art On Our Landscape And Homes Essay

The Impact Of Art On Our Landscape And Homes Essay

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Throughout history, people have crafted. Evidence of this has been established by carvings found in ancient burial sites and archeological digs and paintings discovered in caves that date as far back as the caveman. Many forms of art such as famous paintings, sculptures and photography can be found in galleries and museums scattered about the globe. Art can also be found in the hand sewn quilts crafted by great-great grandmothers, mothers and aunts and the hand carved pieces of furniture adorning homes today. No matter the medium or the reasoning behind the creation of the artistic pieces dotting our landscape and homes, art is crafting. In addition to creating functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing items for the home, office or a museum, crafting can provide many other benefits to the crafter.
Early in life children are encouraged to create. Not only does crafting help to keep children busy on a rainy afternoon, it also helps to teach them fine motor skills. There are many crafts that children can begin doing at a very young age that will help them to develop their coordination. Crafting such as finger painting, playing with play dough, using a pair of scissors to cut out construction paper shapes, and stringing together colorful macaroni along a piece of yarn are great beginner crafts that can help a child to develop dexterity and hand eye coordination. When children are motivated to craft at an early age, they can begin learning essential skills that may one day be used in an area such as holding a scalpel to perform brain surgery or a soldering iron used to create a new kind of computer. Teaching children to craft at an early age is important to begin training their fine motor skills which they will use throughout thei...

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...athering, pinning, cutting, sewing, drawing, painting, coloring, forming and sculpting. Each of these tasks require higher brain functions such as analytical thinking and problem solving. As adults age the chance of their mental capacity to become diminished increases and learning how to do a craft can slow this process down. Some crafts, such as quilting, require a lot of analytical thinking and problem solving. Oftentimes quilting patterns are complex and very detailed, and the process of gathering and matching fabrics can be challenging. Once the crafter has all the materials necessary then the process of putting them all together can be very much like putting together a complicated jigsaw puzzle. The entire process of creating a quilt from start to finish is not only time consuming, but also a great way to stimulate higher brain functions and keep the mind sharp.

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