The Impact Of Art On Art History Essay

The Impact Of Art On Art History Essay

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Art is another form of human creation which is not immune to degradation. Interpretations and meanings fluctuate, however, paintings face the constant erosion and deterioration. My interests with this has led me towards a course in the field of art history. I have engaged and analysed with different theories and philosophers which has expanded my understanding of art and its histories. However, it has also allowed for me to focus on personal interests within arts histories. One of the key factors I have taken interest upon is the changing nature of the physical nature of paintings.

Throughout my studies in art history there has been individuals that have inspired and motivated me to become more invested in this field of art. Joseph Duveen, the nineteenth-century art dealer, motivated me to choose a career in art restoration and conservation. His poor management of the Elgin Marbles is a lesson in the proper conservation and restoration which is needed for artworks. The original surfaces of the marble sculptures have been lost due to poor understanding and restoration. His involvement illustrates that there needs to be a symbiotic relationship of theory and practice that an art restorer must know in order to properly restore or conserve artworks. I feel determined to go into art restoration and conservation in order to preserve artworks from time and human degradation.

I find restoration and conservation to be an ideal field to go into as it would mean that I would be able to restore works of art close to their original forms. This would allow us to experience artworks that have not been changed or adjusted by either time or the human hand. It would also mean that our cultures would not be limited as a result of poor restora...

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... and manage my tasks, university and personal. By doing this it means that I am prepared and aware of what I am able to do and what can be done. I organise events for my art society. Life drawing is a popular event, I help organise the event by arranging a model, as well as a backup model in case any problems arise. I understand the responsibilities and tasks that are required when going into art restoration and conservation. For instance, I understand that paintings have differentiating variables which change the manner in which they are stored or restored. By doing these tasks, such as keeping light, temperature, and humidity levels under close observation it maintains the status of the paintings. Whilst a position within art restoration would not involve this per say I have learnt that time and certain environments effect the quality and surface of the painting.

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